Maryam Khezrzadeh

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I’m a data scientist and storyteller based in Vancouver.

education <- c("BSc. Computer Sceince", "MSc. Data Mining & AI")

I worked in the Tech Industry for 7 years mainly focusing on Business Intelligence applications.

experience <- c("Data Modeling & Database Design", 
                "Backend Web Development & API Design")

Since 2015 I’ve been building a set of tools in R for data discovery & independent research.

experties <- c("Data Discovery", "Visual Analytics", 
               "Network Analysis", "Language Analysis")

The promise of technology in my opinion, is a future where we have understood and alleviated our (currently broken) relationship with nature & people.

vision <- c("A Fair Digital Ground")

Currently I’m looking for teaching opportuninties as well as opportunities to work with businesses on their data & research needs. Let’s chat!

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