Fear, Anxiety, Action!

I shared the last post about why to write with a couple of friends, hoping that it wouldn’t bore them. It didn’t! And they wrote back to me. I first heard from Heather: “What do you think is the fear that underlies the anxiety?” She asked. When I read the question, I almost cringed. I had mixed feelings about the question and I was surprised to feel that way. So I dug some more.

Why Write

I talk a lot sometimes. I may keep going on and on, to the point of annoying whoever that might be listening. I’ve noticed that my talking-too-much and my feeling-anxious are related. That is, if I have too many conversations, I generally become a more anxious version of me, and, if I’m anxious I generally talk more. It can be a devastating loop! Too Much Talk Makes me Anxious Words have a way of capturing my attention.

Social Enterprises

I’ve frequently talked about this one store in our neighbourhood that I really like. The reasons I like it go beyond good prices and the fact that it offers non-toxic products and soap refilling. The people here are good. And they are doing something important. So I decided to have a conversation with Elizabeth, the founder of Second Nature and I really hope you enjoy listening to it. This is only the second episode of Ten Minute Conversations and I really hope that you get a chance to send along your feedback on the podcast, either in person or on the digital :)