Social Enterprises

I’ve frequently talked about this one store in our neighbourhood that I really like. The reasons I like it go beyond good prices and the fact that it offers non-toxic products and soap refilling. The people here are good. And they are doing something important. So I decided to have a conversation with Elizabeth, the founder of Second Nature and I really hope you enjoy listening to it. This is only the second episode of Ten Minute Conversations and I really hope that you get a chance to send along your feedback on the podcast, either in person or on the digital :)

The Visible Mosaic

There are thousands of NGOs (None-Govermental Organization) and CSOs (Civil Society Organization) in BC. What are these organizations working on? How are they related? What can we learn from the current state of affairs, so we can amplify the positive things that are happening and we minimize the damage from the negative forces that are affecting our lives? Read the Article

The Future of Technology

A couple of months back, I asked Todd Sieling of Denim&Steel: “What is in the future of tech?”. Our initial conversation was very interesting so I followed up and asked the same question one more time. The result is a ten minute conversation that would challenge the dominant stories we often hear about the role of technology in our future. Read the Article Listen to the Conversation