Future of Work

We are all working these days, man and woman. And it seems like we are all wondering: how could work be better? How could it be more meaningful and satisfying? How could it be less tiring and more aligned with who we really are. And beyond that, how could we become who we are through our work? This third episode of the podcast is about the future of work, which as you can imagine is closely related to the future of cities and the future of economy.

Fear, Anxiety, Action!

I shared the last post about why to write with a couple of friends, hoping that it wouldn’t bore them. It didn’t! And they wrote back to me. I first heard from Heather: “What do you think is the fear that underlies the anxiety?” She asked. When I read the question, I almost cringed. I had mixed feelings about the question and I was surprised to feel that way. So I dug some more.

Why Write

I talk a lot sometimes. I may keep going on and on, to the point of annoying whoever that might be listening. I’ve noticed that my talking-too-much and my feeling-anxious are related. That is, if I have too many conversations, I generally become a more anxious version of me, and, if I’m anxious I generally talk more. It can be a devastating loop! Too Much Talk Makes me Anxious Words have a way of capturing my attention.